National Museum Steamship "RADETZKY"

Town of Kozloduy


Hristo Botev



Българска версия

The Austrian steamship “Radetzky” was built in 1851 in the shipyard “Obuda” - Budapest (Austria-Hungary at that time). She was a property of the First Privileged Imperial and Royal Danube Society (name until 1918). The ship was named after Field-marshal Josef Ventzeslav Radetzky, a slav, Slovak by origin. There is a monument of Radetzky in the center of Vienna.

In honor of the 90-th anniversary of the heroic death of Hristo Botev, 1,200,000 Bulgarian children raised funds to rebuild an exact copy of the legendary for our history steamship. “Radetzky” was launched on 28 May 1966 and on 30 May she landed on the Kozloduy’s bank. On 26 August 1966 “Radetzky” sailed on the gentle white Danube to Budapest and Vienna. On 4 September 1966 the ship landed on Vienna Port. The Austrians made a large press and media coverage.